November Worship Series: Time Out

Have you ever watched a sports event, when things were going so badly the coach had to call “Time out!”? So the coach brings the team in, tells the truth, makes adjustments, encourages the team, and sends them back out to the field to win the game. It’s the same in life. Everything can be going well, but things slide, and soon nothing’s going right. Something’s broken. And everybody needs a “time out.” God may want to pull you off the field to make some changes: at home, in your workplace–even in your own character. Join us at Catalyst Church every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. at Woodland School as we explore how gratitude–or the lack of it–affects you more than you’ve imagined. Because letting others know how they’ve helped you has the power to transform you and those all around you. For more information, contact us at 320.759.1800 or